Mayor Gary Bishop welcomed senior pool players from the 4 state corners, to the Grove Senior Center for the Senior 8-Ball Tournament. Following his welcome, the Mayor gave the invocation, calling on each player to enjoy the competition and to shoot their best. The Baptist Minister admitted to the players that once he had owned a pool table in the basement of his home and had thoroughly enjoyed the game.

Twenty eight players competed in the 8-Ball Tournament, for the top three places. Trophies went to Jim Peck, Joplin; John Jennings, Bentonville; and Glen York, Joplin. Other players to place in the top 8, were: 4) Marlin Roeder, Bentonville; 5) Kathy Dahl, Bentonville; 6) Truman Hughes, Miami; 7) Joe VanDorn, Neosho; and Bobby Poe, Grove.

For the first time, Grove Seniors limited the number of players who could compete in their tournament, to thirty two. Winder stated that “We had been getting around 40 players at each of our tournaments and that caused the best of three, double elimination tournament to run too long, usually taking us past 7:30 in the evening.”  Play begins at 9:00 AM and continues until a winner is determined. Grove senior pool players are campaigning for an addition to their pool room so that a couple more tables can be added. That would enable more concurrent matches and shorten the amount of time to complete the tournament.

The next tournament will be 8-Ball Singles, held at Neosho on the 3rd of April. Play will begin at 9:00 AM.