Deborah Wolek

To the Editor:

With the election around the corner I want to mention some dealings that Iíve had with current Sheriff Jay Blackfox.

We first met when I took a position promoting events around the Grand Lake area. I had read that some communities were conducting finger printing and digital photography of children after the Amber alert law went into effect. I contacted Sheriff Blackfox to find out if his office could do the same for our community. Not only did the Sheriff inform me that his department would gladly perform this service, but he made sure the families that were to be served would have fun while it was being done. †

Sheriff Blackfox came in person with other officers, computers and cameras. He also enlisted the help of some community members dressed as clowns who handed each of the kids a balloon and some other trinkets. The DARE car was brought in and the entire set-up was an overwhelming success. Parents thanked Sheriff Blackfox and our organization for holding this event. After the first time, we wound up doing this at each of our events because parents asked if the Sheriff would be thereóhe never hesitated to do just that.

Then when we were bringing a major fishing tournament to the region we held meetings with all law enforcement because we werenít sure what to expect as to crowds etc. Not only did Sheriff Blackfox have staff available on-site 24 hours a day but he also assisted by sending inmate trustees to assist with set-up and tear-down. We couldnít have asked for a better partner.

I am writing this because I believe Sheriff Blackfox has brought a great quality to Delaware County. He will be receiving my support in any endeavor he goes forward with because it is his intention to do good for the entire county.


Deborah Wolek

Jay Resident