A small group of funeral home and city officials gathered Thursday, January 8th to dedicate a hallowed stretch of ground, which will serve as Grove’s new cemetery.

The new Olympus North Cemetery is located east of town on Olympus Road off of E. 13th Street, a site which was chosen for the natural beauty of its rolling hills and its proximity to the original Olympus Cemetery.

In his dedication speech, Mayor Gary Bishop said, “Here we are reminded that life is frail and brief and, therefore, not to be wasted. Here we are reminded that life comes full circle - from dust to life, and back to dust.”

Bishop noted that the city council has adopted rules and ordinances to protect the public and the cemetery.

“The policies for this cemetery that this city council has adopted are not in place to restrict the rites of mourners, but to allow everyone an opportunity to express their thoughts and emotions concerning death and life,” he said.

The cemetery features a special “Baby Land” section, private estates, a scattering garden for ashes, and a section designated for in-ground cremains.

All told, there are 2,383 standard full casket gravesites, 1,060 sites for in-ground cremains, 161 Baby Land sites, 94 spaces on the memorial wall in the scattering garden, and 16 private estate spaces.

City Manager Bruce Johnson said there are no more spaces available in the city’s two previously existing cemeteries, Olympus and Buzzard.

Cemetery lot prices begin at $250 for 5X5 in-ground cremations and 5X10 standard graves; a memorial space on the wall in the scattering garden will be priced at cost plus 25%; a 5X5 site in Baby Land will cost $125, and eight standard graves will cost $4,000.

There is also a burial fee of $75. Interment/disinterment charges are $150 for in-ground cremations; $100 for interment in the scattering gardens.

Weekend and holiday charges will carry a higher cost.