Kendra Montana

Grove Sun

The Grand Lake Association Board of Directors met on Thursday to discuss possible solutions for the ongoing blue green algae problem on Grand Lake.

“We are committed to doing what we can to assisting with finding a long-term solution for the problems that we are experiencing on Grand Lake at this time,” said Tad Jones, executive director. “We are willing to work together with the GRDA (Grand River Dam Authority), the area chambers and the Grand Lake Watershed Alliance to do what we can to remedy the situation and continue to promote Grand Lake. The quick commercial, which was fi med over the weekend at Woodward Hollow, and the radio spots we have been running are great tools for promotion that we feel will be helpful.”

The board will continue to discuss the issues concerning Grand Lake at next month's meeting. The board approved executive director Tad Jones as a consultant for the Grand Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

In other business the board discussed the continued partnership with the Grove Area Chamber of Commerce for the Pelican Fest and the Oct. 18, 2011, circus which will be held at the Grove Sports Complex.