JAY The final day of filing for candidacy for open seats in county government drew only one more candidate.

The doors opened at 8 a.m. this morning at the Delaware County Election Board and by the days end at 5 p.m. on the final day of filing, only one more resident of Delaware County stepped up to file for a county position.

Democrat Danny Duncan of Colcord, was the last person to file on the final day, filing for the position of county commissioner for district #3. He joins Robert Rowley, Don Beck, Martin Kirk, Charles Lanier, Lenden Woodruff and Bob Spry, all Democrats who filed for the district #3 county commissioner seat.

Joan Higgins is the only Monkey Island resident who has filed for the fire protection district.

Four county residents filed Monday for county commissioner for district #1 include Democrats David Poindexter and Danny Gandy. Republicans were Jerry Cole and Doug Smith.

Incumbent Leon Hurt will retain his seat as Delaware County Assessor and Susan Duncan drew no opposition for the seat of Delaware County Treasurer.

Three other seats up for grabs drew no takers. District #13 Judge Robert G. Haney, Associate District Judge Barry Denney and District #13 District Attorney Eddie Wyant will all retain their seats for another term.

The primary election is set for July 27, 2010.