Sheila Stogsdill

Special to the Grove Sun

TULSA - A California man who pleaded guilty earlier this year to possession of opium with intent to distribute was sentenced Tuesday to federal prison for trafficking.

Wang Chong Khang, also known as Pao Lee and Dao Lee, 25, of Oroville, California, was sentenced to 46 months followed by a three-year supervision period, said U.S. Attorney Thomas Scott Woodward in a prepared statement.

According to court records, in November Khang picked up a package from the Colcord post office that contained opium. Federal agents seized around 13 pounds of pure opium wrapped in plastic hidden inside mushrooms at a Dallas, Texas, post office. The package was sent from Laos.

Agents repacked the box with a tracking device and about three pounds of opium. The package was delivered to the Colcord post office and picked up by Khang, an arrest affidavit states.

At the time of Khang’s arrest state drug agents believe the street value to be more than $1 million.