Janet Barber

Grove Sun

Today county commissioners approved their proposed redistricting lines between the three districts to be presented on a state level for approval.

Redistricting takes place every 10 years after the U.S. Census is taken and the new lines are drawn according to population, thus creating an even number of voters within each district of the county. The target number is population numbers within a five percent target and today, the board approved a plan that is the the satisfaction of the board. District 1 will remain the same between #1 and #2 districts with district 3 taking in the Eucha area down what is known as the old highway in Jay.

The 2010 population of Delaware County is now 41,487. With a target range of five percent, district number 1 deviation of that target number is -2.53 percent, district

number 2 is -0.13 percent and district number 3 is 2.66 percent.

The board was commended on their cooperation and dedication to completing the new district boundaries and now the proposed plan will be submitted to the state for final approval. The target date to have the state's redistricting boundaries for each county is October 1.

County Commissioner Doug Smith for district 1 informed the board that the Berry Road paving project will be taken off his projects plan. According to Smith, during a County Engineering District meeting held last week, the Cherokee Nation had allotted $6 million to build a new road, federally specified, on what is locally known as the Berry Hill Road. He said during a public meeting at the Butler Fire Department,

fourteen landowners showed some dissension about the project and wrote letters to the Cherokee Nation saying that they did not want the project done. “So the tribe said they would give it to another county. This money is now gone and it will never come back. This $6M project was shot down by fourteen landowners. It's a shame,” Smith added.

The burn ban has been extended for one more week, with no relief of being removed in the near future. Brian Gordon, Jay Fire Chief was on the agenda to ask for approval to light fireworks on Cruise Night in Jay, August 13. Gordon said this is not an elaborate display and the fireworks will be set at the parking lot of J.B. Earp Stadium in Jay. He assured the board that the Jay Fire Department would be out in full force.

The commission also approved entering into a contract with the Tulsa based law firm of Atkins, Haskins, Nellis, Brittingham, Gladd, and Carile for legal services concerning the county's liability insurance policy in regards to a pending lawsuit brought against the Sheriff's Office by sixteen plaintiffs, citing misconduct in the Delaware County Jail.

The district attorney's office recommended that the board enlist the legal help of Galen Brittingham at $175 an hour. The board voted to sponsor four REAP grant applications, one involving the Women's Auxiliary Association on Monkey Island in the amount of $9,000 to be used for their community center. The Kenwood Fire Department will be applying for a grant to upgrade their fire department facility, Colcord Schools are asking for a grant in the amount of $49,993 to be used on the Dan Draper Community Center and the Colcord Senior Citizens

Center is asking for sponsorship of a grant in the amount of $15,298 to be used on the center and it's parking lot.