Northeast Oklahoma Work Force Investment Board is looking for employers in the surrounding area to partner together to provide training to eligible workers. Employer's wages are reimbursed at 50 percent through grant dollars and programs provided by US Department of Labor.

“Our programs offer employers the chance to cut training costs and allow them to recruit and retain qualified employees from in and around the area,” said Kristi Fritz, career manager for the Northeast Workforce Investment Board. “It is designed to stimulate the economy by assisting qualifying employers with the cost of training employees placed through our On the Job Training (OJT) programs.”

“We assist persons who have been terminated or laid off or have found themselves unemployed for more than 19 weeks for whatever reason, and are in need of additional skills for securing gainful employment,” Fritz said. “Employers must provide workman’s compensation and have no lay-off’s within the past 120 days to qualify. If they meet the criteria then we will place them with employers and reimburse them with up to 50 percent of the hired employee’s wages during the time associated with the training period.

“These are skilled employees who already have many of the talents that employers are seeking. All candidates are pre-screened according to employer’s specifications and provide no-cost consultation and technical assistance,” she said. “The employer decides who to hire and are able to train employees in their own way.”

Individuals may be simultaneously hired and trained by the employer, with the employer receiving reimbursement of training costs up to 50 percent for a maximum of 16 weeks of the trainee’s wages.

“It is a very simple process for employers who are I interested in taking advantage of OJT program,” Fritz said. “We meet with employers at their place of business and discuss their needs. We basically walk employers through the entire process. There aren’t a lot of forms or red tape.”

Interested businesses can contact Kristi Fritz at (918) 542-5561 or via email at

The OJT program is available statewide through the local area Workforce Investment Boards.