WELCH — Fourteen years ago a mother, Lorene Bible, told her teenage daughter goodbye and has not seen her since that day in 1999.

Two 16-year-old girls, best friends Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman disappeared late Dec. 29 or very early on the morning of Dec. 30. 1999. Lauria had spent the night with Ashley to celebrate her friend's birthday at the Freeman's mobile home just outside and west of the town of Welch.

Ashley's parents, Danny and Kathy Freeman were fatally shot sometime that same night and their bodies were found in the ashes of the home on Dec. 30, 1999.

Authorities think the killer or killers set the fire to cover up the murders. Lauria’s car was found at the Freeman home with the keys inside and her purse was found in the fire rubble. Ashley and Lauria have not been seen since.

Ashley Freeman was legally declared dead Oct. 18, 2010, although she has never been found.

Lauria's parents, Jay and Lorene Bible of Welch, have never given up the hope of finding their daughter, who would now be 30-years-old.

Lorene Bible made this posting on Facebook this week:

"(14) years ago tonight at 7:30 p.m. was the last time your Dad and I heard your voice. You had been with Ashley all day celebrating her 16th birthday. It was late and Kathy asked if you could stay another night. That way we wouldn't have to drive to Welch and someone ride home with you. Who would of ever known that would be the last time we heard you say I LOVE YOU. KNOW THAT WE ARE ALWAYS SEARCHING FOR YOU AND LOOKING TO THE LORD FOR ANSWERS. LOVE AND MISS YOU ALWAYS LAURIA JAYLENE BIBLE.”

The mystery of the two girls' disappearance continues. Once again this year came an outpouring of love and compassion from friends and even strangers for the Bible family, who have experienced the unimaginable.

A film documentary was aired last year, 'Out of the Ashes,' on the Investigation Discovery network and brought forward credible new leads, but still no recovery of Lauria or Ashley.

Craig County and Oklahoma state authorities are still seeking information that might help solve the mystery of the girls' disappearance or the Freemans' murders.

This year, Lorene Bible has posted another Facebook message along with three age progression photos of Lauria which says: “These are aged progression photos of Lauria. Age 16, 21, and 26. She is 30 years old now. She disappeared from the Freeman's home west of Welch Ok. Dec 29th or early morning on the 30th. Please post to your page and get the word out via Facebook that we are still searching and looking for her. May God's good luck shine on this and something remarkable comes from it. SO LETS GIVE IT A GO. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ALL THAT YOU ALL HAVE DONE FOR US THESE 14 years.”