Dear Editor:

Lets give credit where credit is due. Doug Smith, County Commissioner Dist.1 is doing an outstanding job. To wit, his efforts to replace the north Cherokee bridge so those of us that live north of Grove and west of highway 10 can once again have comfortable access to Grove. This commissioner that has stood up to federal bureaucracy and truly listened to the needs of his constituents. Doug Smith is a commissioner with BACKBONE! Taking personal risk to get the north Cherokee bridge project completed. A big THANK YOU from all of us that daily use north Cherokee to access Grove. We are proud of the job you are doing for us.


Terry Jones R.Ph.


Dear Editor:

Animal Heat Alert!!!

Animals suffer dangerous physical consequences including heat stroke and death just as we do if not provided proper shelter and water (a shaded area at the least and an air-conditioned area at best.) You try sitting in a little shade with only hot water to drink or none at all for just 20 minutes and you will suffer to. Please bring your pets inside if possible. Also please watch out for any animal you see in distress. We all know those people whose only power comes from mistreating out innocent, Godgiven animals. Donít be one of them. These precious creatures are entrusted to our care. Mahatmas Ghandi said he judged a nation by how they treat their animals and so do I.

Michelle Richison

Dear Editor:

At times the best intentions may lead to the most unintended of consequences. A case in point is the recent action of the state legislature in certifying one-time stimulus monies as revenue growth,thereby triggering a reduction in the upper tax rate and a corresponding reduction in revenue available to the state. The reduction in revenue led to massive cuts to both the common and higher education systems of the state. The vast cuts to education have now resulted in the state's school districts having their bond ratings decreased, which in turn has caused local bond issues to pay higher rates of interest on any future bonds issued. So, how does this effect the property owner? It means that when a local school needs to float a bond issue, these same local property owners and school patrons will be paying higher property taxes to pay the correspondingly higher interest rates caused by this legislative action. It appears that what the legislature has given to the few with one hand, it has taken away from the many (especially the state's school children) with the other hand. Go figure?


Micheal Sperry, Chairman

Delaware County Democratic Party