Kirsten Mustain

Grove Sun

City Manager Bruce Johnson, at a regular city council meeting Tuesday night, announced that there will be a public hearing Tuesday, Oct. 2nd at the next council meeting. The hearing will allow Grove residents to express their opinions concerning solutions for the overcrowding issue at the Delaware County Jail.

He noted that representatives from the Delaware County Public Facilities Authority would be at the meeting to explain the options that are currently being considered.

"We invite Grove citizens to attend and give their input about the jail to help us formulate a resolution," Johnson said.

Ward IV Council Member Gary Trippensee said he hoped a lot of people would attend.

"It will be good for people to listen to the proposals," Trippensee said.

Ward III Council Member Larry Parham concurred.

"It's a big thing and it's very important for people to be here because it concerns our sales tax," Parham said.

Johnson said the council would listen to constituents and use their suggestions to help shape a resolution, which would be passed at the following meeting in the third week of October.

"There will be a 'super meeting,' for lack of a better term, in November," Johnson said, explaining that all the city officials in the county would attend the meeting to discuss what their citizens wanted.

In other business, the council voted to solicit bids for the purchase of a used dozer for the street department, and to solicit bids to upgrade the lighting in city facilities so that it is more energy efficient.

The council also voted to allow Bruce Johnson to investigate whether or not the city could get a better interest rate than the county on the lease/purchase of a new pumper truck for the Grove Fire Department.

“The bid (for the county) came back at more than $268,000,” Johnson said. “I want to see if we can get written recommendations from the state auditor (to allow us to get our own bids). I don’t believe it is in the best interest of the city or the county to pay more if the comparative cost of the city’s interest rate is lower.”

During the public comments portion of the meeting, citizen Ivy Woodard told the council that she feels Grove needs a year-round swimming pool for children, people who have had surgery and other medical conditions, and seniors.

“I’m a senior,” Woodard said. “And a lot of seniors would participate if you had a year-round swimming pool.”

The board also appointed several trustees to city boards including David Adzigian – Grove Industrial Development Authority (GIDA); Ronald Tipton – Grove Municipal Services Authority, and Brian Chestnutt – Grove Municipal Airport Managing Authority.

The city will advertise to fill an additional open seat on the GIDA board.

Grove City Council meets at 6 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of every month in Room 5 at the Grove Community Center, 104 West Third Street. The public is welcome to attend.