With no other available options, a one-year renewable contract between the Afton Public Works Authority and the Grove Municipal Service Authority (GMSA) was approved at the regular board meeting held on Tuesday night at city hall.

"We are entering into a new service agreement with the GMSA at an increased rate of 39 cents per MCS as compared to the 25 cents we have been paying for the past 20 years," said Mayor Billy Mack Harrison. "We bought the system together all those years ago but at this point we don't have a lot of leverage on our own and we have no choice but to become a customer rather than a partner and sign this agreement. It's the best game in town, in fact it's the only game."

The gas lines, which feed Afton individual residences and businesses, are owned by GMSA.

Discussion was held on the current condition of the sewer, gas and water system following the extreme heat experienced in recent weeks.

"The strain on the system has been tremendous but we managed to keep everything up and running for the most part," Harrison said. "The dry heat, which as a rule helps the sewer system, got a little too dry but again, we managed."

No action was taken on the item.

The board approved gas prices for 1 September 2011 as $1.36 per 100 cubic feet, down considerably from last month's cost of $1.70.

A resolution to apply for a REAP Grant in the amount of $8780.00 for improvements to the water treatment plant was approved by the board. An item calling for the hiring of part-time

help in the city office was approved.

Town clerk Phyllis Logan was awarded a plaque of appreciation for her 20 years of dedicated service to the community of Afton.

Immediately following the APWA meeting, the Town Board of Trustees held it's regular meeting, approving an occupational license for a new business and the establishment of a new ordinance regarding trailer houses within the city limits.

An occupational license for Nan's House Day Care owned by Lora Dugan and located at 1 NE. 3rd in Afton was approved by the board.

An item calling for action regarding the requirements for trailers for which a variance for placement has been granted was discussed.

"We would like to make a motion that our attorney draft an ordinance adjustment in reference to the construction date of any trailer homes that may be moved in. We already require skirting and that all trailers be anchored but we would like to add that they can not be manufactured more than 10 years prior to the year in which they are moving it in," Harrison said. "There can be waivers if the trailer is proven to be in good condition."

The board approved the motion.

In other business the board approved all vouchers for payment and hiring part time help for the office staff.

Under new business, every board member

was given a bottle in which they are to fill

with tab water once every three years to be submitted for copper and lead testing.

The APWA and Town of Afton meet the second Monday of each month at city hall beginning at 6 p.m.