Jeanene Moore

Special to the Grove Sun

The Christian Medical Clinic will move its physical location to 501 E. 13th, at the same time that Grove’s First Baptist Church relocates to that address.

Since its beginning more than eight years ago, the CMC has met on Thursday evenings at the church to tend the needs of the uninsured in this community.

“The CMC has always been with Grove’s First Baptist Church,” explained Senior Pastor James Wilder. “And we do not want that to change. We consider it to be part of our church’s ministry to help meet both the medical needs of those in our community as well as their spiritual needs.”

According to CMC Administrator, Nancy Flowers, the clinic will be closed on Thursday, September 24, to allow for the physical move, and then will open its door—on the east side of the church next to the INTEGRIS Professional Center—on Thursday, October 1.

Registration of individuals 19 years and older will begin at 3 p.m., with every person being equal at that time, and no benefit to arriving earlier. At 6 p.m. those who are registered will begin being seen by appropriate volunteer experts.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this moving experience, says Flowers. “This is just another sign of God’s blessing on, and his provision for, this ministry, as we continue to present Christ—his benevolence—to people in this community.”

With a total of more than 100 volunteers, and some 25 present on any given Thursday, they regularly serve from 30-60 patients every week.

Volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, pastors, accountants, pharmacists, social workers, and many others converge weekly to help those who need medication, a rotten tooth pulled or back adjusted, or those who present with different types of pain issues including minor injuries and bites.

Needs are prayed for and those eligible for patient assistance receive aid in qualifying and signing up.

“The new facility will not only provide roomier accommodations, but also have better parking and access for staff and patients,” says Rev. Wilder.

As health care in America realizes gaping holes in a system that swallows large portions of its citizens, many hard-working—and growing number of unemployed—people in the Grand Lake area have been caught in the cycle.

“The CMC is filling a gap. But they’re not just a patch job, they really want to help people through,” says Amy Mays, Clinical Director of the Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit at INTEGRIS Grove General Hospital.

This will be a “moving experience” for the whole community, as the CMC Board of Directors has stated its commitment to continuing this outreach ministry in this community, and they have made the changes necessary to move forward.

For more information about the Christian Medical Clinic, call Nancy Flowers at 787-5191.