DELAWARE COUNTY - 2010 tax statements are in the process of being mailed out. This will be the last collection for Mary Jane Law as Delaware County Treasurer due to the fact that she will be retiring at the end of her term, which will be June 30, 2011. As of July 1st, 2011 First Deputy Susan Duncan will take over as the new Delaware County Treasurer. Susan filed for office in June, 2010 with no opponents filing against her.

Mary Jane Law wanted to notify the taxpayers that the mail outs will be a little different this year to help cut down the cost of postage. If you have several accounts you may receive more than one envelope. With the new system we have in place the accounts are sorted by address in order to cut the cost of postage. Example if several accounts with different names have the same address they will all be mailed out together. In order to get the discount postage rate we can only have a total of four statements per envelope. Therefore, if you had eight accounts you would receive two envelopes with four statements in each. So, if you have several accounts you could receive several envelopes from our office. This may seem odd to the taxpayers receiving several envelopes from this office but it actually cuts the costs a lot to send them like this rather than in one huge envelope.

If you wish to come by the office and pay your taxes prior to receiving your statements you may do so at anytime. They also have a website that you may go online and look at your accounts as well as pay them online. Mary Jane Law says it is user friendly and would encourage you to take a look at the website. The current 2010 taxes do not appear on the website at this time but, we hope to have them uploaded onto our website by the 17 day of November, 2010. Due date for taxes to be paid this year will be December 30, 2010 due to the fact that the Courthouse will be closed on December 31, 2010 for New Year’s Eve Holiday. You may also choose to pay half of your taxes by this date and the second half will be due by March 31, 2011. However, in order to pay half taxes you must have first half in by December 30, 2010.

If at least first half is not paid by December 30, 2010 interest will begin to accrue at a rate of 1 1/2 per cent per month beginning in January, 2011.

If for any reason you may not receive your statements please call the office at 918-253-4533 or 918-253-4467 and we will be glad to assist you.