Kendra Montana

Grove Sun

An Internet search that began in the offi ce of Tad Jones, executive director of the Grand Lake Association, and led halfway around the world, brought a Florida based company to Grove on Thursday to discuss options for assisting in deterring future

algae bloom outbreaks in Grand Lake.

This is a very reputable company with signifi cant knowledge of these situations. We were very glad to have them here and will certainly consider some of the options that were suggested for possible solutions, Jones said.

Tom Creel, president of Creel Pump, Inc of Lake Placid, Florida, toured Grand Lake yesterday and reported that despite the recent algae outbreak, he was impressed

with what he saw. I have seen ponds, rivers and lakes from around the world and Grand Lake is a very pristine body of water. Grand Lake has done a remarkable

job of recovering after such a dynamic

event, Creel said. The lake seems to manage itself well. Creel Pump, Inc is a North American dealer for an Italian company that manufactures and sells equipment which

specializes in water management, aeration, circulation and fi ltration.

Jones came across Creel Pump, Inc after a lengthy Internet search for experts in the field of water quality.

I was researching water quality on the Internet and came across a company in England that was extremely knowledgeable in dealing with issues like we have been experiencing here on Grand Lake. I contacted the president of that company and he directed me to a company in Italy that helped Dubai with its water quality issues. From there I was put in touch with Creel Pump, Inc., their American distributor, Jones explained. I spoke with Tom Creel, the company president, and he was willing to fl y in and tour Grand Lake. It was a search that went literally around the world. Creel arrived in Oklahoma Wednesday night and began his tour of Grand Lake early Thursday morning. We cruised the entire lake, Jones said. He thought that the lake looked great, and he has seen it all. Considering what we have gone through he said

that the recovery was fantastic. I am very grateful that Tom Creel was willing to take the time to visit Grand Lake and meet with us to discuss the situation and possible preventative measures for the future, Jones said. It is simply another tool in the toolbox in water management around Grand Lake for us to consider.