During the Jay City Council meeting held this month, council members approved to submit a bid to purchase a 2005 E450 ambulance in the amount of $4,000 from the city of Grove.

The motion to attempt to purchase the ambulance that Jay EMS currently has on loan, comes from the lack of a second ambulance in Jay who authorities say is probably going to be totaled. The situation presently is if the main ambulance is out on a call, there's not been a second ambulance available if needed. Grove EMS has responded to several such calls, but now with the possible purchase of the loaner from Grove, city council members are trying to figure out how to put a second ambulance crew together.

This would required money to pay salaries for the “on call” crew, pay for more medical supplies, upkeep on the second ambulance and full equipping a second ambulance. According to Mayor Wall, one of the most difficult issues was overcoming keeping the ambulances running at this time and the possible purchase of the Grove unit would allow the second ambulance, which sustained a great deal of damage to it recently, to be totaled.

A special meeting on this matter will be held at a later date to once again discuss placing a second ambulance into service and staffing an on call crew. Jim Reno, supervisor of the program, said they could have it up and running in 30 days and he has 5 men who have already signed up. Reno claims they just need more help because most of the men are already splitting shifts. Reno went on to tell the board that he would ned 3 full time people. When Reno was asked if he was ready to hire the 3, he told council members he was ready to hire 2 at this time for sure. The question came up about funding the proposal. Mayor Wall responded that we will not lose money on it.

In 2010, the second ambulance was cancelled due to costs that the city did not have. While the funds are not there at this time Mayor Wall said they are committed to continually looking for the money to make this happen. “We are looking at several different areas to find the dollars to fund an on call crew and we will continue to work on this very important need,” Wall said. “No one wants this to happen more than I do,” he concluded.