To The Editor:

Re: Grove Casino

            My wife and I recently attended the Grove City Council meeting concerning the Seneca-Cayuga plans to build a casino within the Grove city limits.  The comments were about 4-to 1, including comments from our mayor, not in favor of having this acreage put into trust for gambling.  The single purpose of a casino is to make money as fast and as long as possible. That is why a restaurant or hotel will not be built without the casino.

 We wish to emphasize the point that buses will be coming with lots of people but they will stay in the rooms, eat there and gamble there. Everything they need will be provided on site as they will come for the sole entertainment of gambling. The resulting traffic problems will be a nightmare. The people who currently visit this town as vacationers are the ones to shop and eat in town and play on the lake. Grove is growing with new developments, single and multi-family homes, and our new hospital.

 Our infra-structure, water and sewer, is already at or near the limit available to the citizens. Who will pay for needed expansion, road repairs, street lights, more police and fire protection when again these are at the limit now? Grove has ordinances on record now concerning building height and gambling within the city limits, taking this land and putting it into trust will remove any control the city has for compliance with our laws.  What other building in Grove is five stories high, lighted with large signs and open 24/7? Our city council has replied to the BIA, answered their questions, and voted not in favor of the casino at this time.  Our city is family oriented and has a large retirement population and this will be a “they win/we lose” situation.

We urge everyone to contact Governor Brad Henry, the BIA and your representatives about this travesty that is being planned for our community. This is not a done deal, we do have a say.

            Harold and Ginny Zook

            Grove residents