A Claremore woman is suing the town of Bernice after she stepped on a water meter lid, flipping it up, falling through the opening and injuring herself.

Ross Bass, filed a petition for negligence against the City of Bernice and the Bernice Public Water Works on December 5, claiming the city and public water works were negligent in several ways including failing to keep the lid free and clear from reasonable defects, hazards, or obstructions; failing to exercise reasonable care to correct the conditions, that included, failing to warn her as to the existence of the lid, being careless and neglectful which caused the lid to be hazardous for public use; failing to have proper supervision to see that the matter was taken care of; failing to maintain distractions that might divert her attention from the hazard, and that the accident would not have occurred if the city had maintained the lid properly.

Bass is suing the municipality in excess of $75,000 claiming she injured her knee and her back, also suing for medical bills, pain and suffering both in the past and future and the need for future medical treatment.