Cheryl Franklin

Grove Sun

Senator Jim Inhofe, at a town hall meeting in Grove Wednesday, said he never dreamed he would see “an administration disavow all the institutions that have made this country different from all the others.” Inhofe spoke to a packed crowd at the Community Center, one of the most well attended meetings he has seen so far, including Tulsa, according to his staff. The senator took the opportunity to address issues other than health care while at the same time bashing the Obama administration for disarming America, deceiving the public on global warming, under girding the structure of the branches of government and turning terrorists loose on American soil. “There are so many things that are happening and we are letting the health care override the other problems,” he said. His opening comments did address the health care reform bill calling it socialized medicine. “The problem with socialized medicine is once you have to compete, you can’t compete with the government,” he said. “It doesn’t work in the Soviet Union or in Canada or Denmark, so why do they think if will work here?” he said. Inhofe took the time to voice his views on global warming calling it the greatest hoax on the face of the earth citing more than 650 scientists nationwide who concur with his opinion. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee the senior senator criticized President Obama’s decision to squash missile defense projects in Eastern Europe that were designed to detect and intercept incoming missiles. “I have never seen a time when there have been so many things that are detrimental to this nation,” he said. Inhofe fielded questions from residents, some who thanked him for his service and his positions on issues. Others brought out concerns about second amendment rights, the war in Iraq and the problems in Afghanistan and stimulus money One resident questioned the Republican Party’s failure to produce candidates that truly represent the party platform. “The perception before the election was that is precious little difference between Republicans and Democrats,” said Marty Hughes, a local pastor. Inhofe attempted to console constituents by asking them to help them get through the next 16 months and things will get better. “To be honest I think he gave me a politician’s answer,” said Hughes. The question on the legitimacy of the president’s recent practice of appointing “Czars” was asked more than once. Inhofe concurred that the practice goes against the checks and balances design the forefathers had in mind for the three branches of government but Inhofe did not offer a resolution to the ritual but added that Constitutional challenges take years in the courts and are futile. While most of Inhofe’s comments criticized Democrats for embracing bigger government, he did commend the cooperation of Democrat Congressman Dan Boren in working together with him to get oil production resurrected in Oklahoma. This was the fifth town hall meeting the senator held this week during the current recess.

Sen Tom Coburn and Congressman Boren have also been touring the state holding town hall meetings. While many of the meetings have resulted in highly publicized protest events, the Grove meeting was very organized and calm. “I just came to support the senator and show him in numbers that we are behind the effort he is making in Washington,” said Pam Sitton, a Grove businesswoman.