The Bernice Public Works Authority met on Monday night immediately following the board of trustees meeting appointing a chairman and water commissioner for the BPWA as part of business.

The meeting opened with the approval of the consent agenda, minutes of the last meeting and all disbursements including but not limited to purchase orders and payroll.

Next the board approved Bill Raven as chairman and water commissioner of the BPWA.

The board then discussed an item calling for the review, revision and possible approval of the contract between the BPWA and William H. Jones.

“We have had a lot of problems with him in the past. We gave him a raise last year to provide for his workman’s comp, which he was supposed to be responsible for and he didn’t keep up with it. He turns in work orders that weren’t sent to him and I make a motion that we do not renew his contract,” said David Dennis, BPWA.

“I agree that some of this work needs to be done but he exceeds his monthly budget regularly and we just can not afford that. By the end of the Fiscal Year he will have exceeded his budget by $5000 and I think that is something that this board needs to seriously consider,” Dennis said.

Dennis went on to say that he felt that Jones was neglecting his contract, which reads that he must attend BPWA meetings at least every other month, which according to Dennis, he does not do.

The authority voted to take no action on this agenda item.

The BPWA meets the first Monday of each month immediately following the Town of Bernice meeting at City Hall. All meetings are open to the public.