Jessica L. Stogsdill

Letter to the Editor

In a firm believer of giving credit where credit is due, I am in no way intentionally taking away from the wrestlers, past or present coaching staff, parents or families of Grove’s first Wrestling State Championship; only sharing my personal knowledge of a very special individual in our community, who with the support of the parents, was able to lay the firm base for this to have come about.

 Over the past fifteen plus years, this man has given of himself with total devotion to training, motivating, supporting and transporting to multiple duals and tournaments at district, regional, state and national levels of many Grove wrestlers that resulted in multiple winners on all levels during this span of years. His team motto of ‘Born To Compete-Trained to Defeat’ is absolutely true of his trainees; as is his ride in each of their accomplishments. Under his guidance, his kids gained status as a Northeast Oklahoma ‘Powerhouse’, evident in their performances in the past, the present, and in our future for the next few years to come. Being relatively modest and never known to pursue personal recognition of his dings, he has always sought acknowledgement for his kids of their accomplishments. Besides his trainees being in Grove, several have moved and are in other school districts now, where their basic training-coaching received is very evident in their performances in wrestling to date.

Having stated the above, I am giving acknowledged credit to Robert W. Hopper, MD. My sincere congratulations on your ‘Job Well Done’; my deepest personal ‘Thank You’ for all you have given to us all; and happiness that you are able to witness, as well as, be a part of all the fruits of this legacy which you helped to create. It is an honor of a lifetime to see the performances of your group of talented wrestler, affectionately known by many … “Hop’s Kids”.

Being the very proud grandmother of two ‘Hop’s Kid’s’, Tucker, a senior and Spencer, a freshman, Rutherford at Jay, both with quality wrestling skills; and Tucker having won second place 140 pound division 2008 Class 3A at state, then yesterday, he was notified of being selected to the All-State Small East Team at 145 pounds; I share this with gratification to you and your many readers.

Jessica L. Stogsdill