OKLAHOMA CITY - Jay High School seniors Karen Cronk and Kelsey Baker served as pages last week for State Senator Charles Wyrick during the fourth week of the legislative session.

"Our fourth week of session was really hectic and Karen and Kelsey did great jobs helping us," said Wyrick, D-Fairland. "I hope they enjoyed their experience as much as we enjoyed having them here."

Pages provide important services during the busy weekly legislative sessions.  They assist with Senate committee meetings and the daily sessions of the full Senate.  One of their primary duties is relaying messages to and from Senators in the Senate Chamber from other legislators as well as Senate staff and lobbyists.

“It taught me how a bill really works,” Cronk said. “I really liked getting to be a part of the voting process.”

The page program provides students with the educational experience of learning about the legislative process firsthand.  They get to participate in mock sessions known as "Pageville" where they assume the responsibilities of legislative officials and others involved in the process.  This, along with actually assisting the Senators and Senate staff, helps teach them about the legislative process and how bills become law.

“I got to learn the process they go through to get these bills passed,” Baker said. “Pageville taught me a lot by letting me play the roles of the Senators.”

During the week, the pages also had the opportunity to attend the convening of the second session of the 51st legislature in the Senate Chamber as well as visit the Governor's mansion.  

Cronk and Baker served at the Capitol during the fourth week of the legislative session, Feb. 25-28, 2008.