GROVE – A Grand Lake father and daughter were arrested after the parent tried to warn his daughter police were looking for her and interfered with her arrest, said Grove Police Chief Mark Morris on Friday. 

Amber Sonya Orlenko, 30, and Keith Orlenko, both of Grove, were arrested Thursday at the Orlenko’s residence. 

The elder Orlenko was arrested for obstructing an officer.  He is accused of trying to warn his daughter to hide from the police and interfering with police as Amber was being arrested.

An intoxicated Amber Orlenko was taken into custody on misdemeanor outstanding warrants for failure to appear on driving under the influence and possession of marijuana charges and for failure to pay child support.

According to a Grove police report, the younger Orlenko’s parental rights were terminated by Delaware County District Court. Two of her children were placed with her parents and as part of the arrangement, Amber is not allowed in their home when the children are present. Also the apartment manager from whom her parents rent has forbidden Amber from being on the complex’s grounds.

Grove police arrived at the apartment and asked if the younger Orlenko was at the residence. 

Keith Orlenko said he wasn’t sure and announced as he walked towards the living room, “Is Amber here?”

The younger Orlenko was seen running towards a back bedroom.  The officer told Keith Orlenko to go and get his daughter. She was placed under arrest, according to the report. 

Keith Orlenko was released on $244 bail.  Amber Orlenko remains in the Delaware County jail.