For the procrastinators, the super busy and the clueless, some last minute gifts are available right now.

Every year you see them, cruising the aisles in desperation looking for a gift, the last minute shopper. These ideas cover every budget and a wide variety of personalities and are still readily available.

Lottery tickets are a fun surprise, and can be presented in many ways, an envelope, gift bag or tied up with a ribbon, the more the better.

A newspaper or magazine subscription is a great idea because one can be found for any location or for any interest.

A video gift card, or Netflix subscription will please movie lovers of all ages. Package with some popcorn and a big bowl for an extra treat.

Tickets to a concert, movie or sporting event will thrill any fan.

Picture frames, candles, coasters, are a nice touch to add to any home decor and are easily found.

Everyone will appreciate a cozy, warm pair of gloves and a scarf or a throw blanket.

Foodies will love home baked cookies or candy, boxes of chocolate, coffees, teas, or hot chocolate mix and a mug, or a gift card form the local coffee shop.

Books, books on tape, or tuition for a college or Vo-tech class will satisfy the learners on your list.

A potted plant from the local greenhouse is a welcome touch of nature in winter.

Board games and card games make great family gifts for all to enjoy. Try an old favorite like Monopoly, Yahtzee or Trivial Pursuit or a new game, it's sure to be a hit.

A nice bottle of wine, slippers, a nice pen and journal, or a coupon for a massage at a spa are luxury gifts most will appreciate.

And last but not least there's always the gift card. There are gift cards for everything from restaurants, department store, gas cards, and the I-Tunes cards are especially great for tweens and teens.