Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

A search warrant was signed this afternoon and executed at Flashback, a Grove paraphernalia shop, by the local drug task force team.  Grove Police Department, West Siloam Springs, Delaware County District Attorney’s office and Delaware County Sheriff were on hand to issue the warrant and search the premises which is located 3 miles east of the city.

The search warrant was issued for knowingly selling substances being used for illegal activities.

“We’ve been working on this for months.  We received information and have talked to the managers and based on that and other information we were able to obtain the warrant to collect evidence.  Arrests are pending at this time,” said Delaware County Sheriffs Captain, Ron Teel.

“These people know what’s going on.  Where is their civic responsibility?” he said in reference to the fact that these substances are legal to sell, however, not for the purposes they are being used.

The substances Teel is referring to are called Bath Salts. 

“They call it legal cocaine or legal meth, and poor man’s cocaine or poor man’s meth,” said Teel.

The investigation into this matter will continue.  The Grove Sun will update this story as more information becomes available.