An after-school youth theatre program begins September 4, completing The Playmakers’ comprehensive youth theatre program.  Auditions for the program for students who have not been in a Playmaker production will take place on August 19 and 21 at 7:00 at the Playmakers’ Theatre, 121 W 3rd, in Grove. The program is for students in 1st grade through high school.

   “We are excited about starting this program,” said Suzanne Boles, Artistic Director for The Playmakers and program administrator.  “We have researched countless youth theatre programs and believe we have developed a curriculum that is right for Grove. The artistic elements are primary and it is through these that students will be provided with life-long skills  that help them become confident and articulate, find it easier to make friends, accept new challenges and explore new directions.”

   Ashley Davidson, instructor, adds: “Our approach uses a ‘page to stage’ methodology, using specific plays through which to learn a variety of artistic skills.  This approach combines play analysis and presentation with design skills, theatre movement and dance, and lighting and sound technology.  We have selected age and interest appropriate plays which emphasize many aspects of theatre craft. Some students may be interested only in costume or set design, others in making props or in the technological aspects of productions.  The majority will probably be interested in the acting skills. The approach we are taking will cater to each child’s particular interests.”

   A group of volunteers will add other dimensions to the student’s learning, researching the historical and cultural background of each play, so that students have a broader context within which to understand the play.  

   Students in this program will have first right to perform in productions for The Playmakers’ in-school and summer productions, should there be an appropriate role for them.  There will also be special presentations throughout the school year for parents and friends.

   The Monday through Thursday program will begin at 4:00 each day and end at 5:30 pm. at 311 Grand, a building just east of City Hall. A semester fee of $80 is due upon enrollment.  

   Those wishing to enroll who have participated in “The Off Broadway Troupers,” the Playmakers’ Youth Theatre, may do so on the dates & times above. For further information, or if these times are inconvenient, please leave a message at (918) 786-8950 or email  

   The initial year of the program is made possible with assistance from a Local Government Matching Grant through the Oklahoma Arts Council.