Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

The Grove water tower is gone but the memories of it’s 44 years in Grove will always remain. Especially for the Sandoval Family.

Grove resident and Lower Elementary School teacher, Angie Sandoval took her daughter Holly and a friend to San Antonio for Spring Break last week. “When we were heading back my husband Terry told me to call him when I get to Sailboat Bridge,” she said.

When she called him, he told her to check out how much work they have done to the tower. Terry Sandoval works for Pittsburg Tank and Tower, the company Choctaw hired to take down the Grove tower. Choctaw bought the tower from Grove.

As they got closer, fifteen year old Holly Sandoval sees the tower and says “look what he did mom. How embarrassing.”

Angie said she looked up and saw what he had done and started crying.

“I work a lot away from home, so I wanted to do something special for her,” said Terry who told Angie he “wanted the whole town to know how much he loves her.”

“It just goes to show that not everything you give someone costs money. That would mean more to me than a diamond ring,” said Kim Self, friend of Angie and Grove Sun Account Executive.