In Grove the Easter Bunny rivals Santa Claus, thanks to a small group of dedicated individuals who work year-round to make Grove City Wide Easter Egg Hunt a fun and successful community event.

“We give the best Easter egg hunt in the four-state area,” said organizer Charlotte Stogsdill. “It’s kind of like Christmas at Easter.”

Stogsdill, along with her husband Windy, Connie and Leon Arnall, and Justin and Stephanie Wadley, have been organizing the event for the city for the past five or six years.

Funding from many area businesses makes it possible.

As Easter draws near, the six organizers, along with helpers from the community, including the Grove Fire Department and the Group 33 Motorcycle Club, hop into action, sorting through a warehouse full of toys they have amassed over the past year and stuffing over 5,000 eggs with Easter candy.

Stogsdill said the toys are mostly clearance items that have been purchased from Atwood’s and Wal-Mart with donations from local businesses.

“When we know they’re going to have a sale, we’re there,” Stogsdill said.

This year’s hunt is on Easter Sunday, March 23rd, at 2:00 p.m. at the Grove Sports Complex. Area families are welcome to attend, and there are games and prizes for children from one to 12 years of age.

“We have a lot of ‘large’ 12-year-olds,” Stogsdill said. “And I say, go for it – everybody have fun.”