A Bluejacket man was pronounced dead on the scene after he allegedly took his own life by stepping in front of an oncoming train early Wednesday morning.

“We did not have a solid identification at this time so name is being released but what I can tell you is that it appears that the man stepped in front of the train in an attempt to end his own life,” said Jimmy Sooter, Craig County Sheriff.

According to Sooter, the man emerged from the weeded area on one side of the tracks and after a brief hesitation, stepped directly in front of the southbound train.

“The conductor and engineer manning the train stated that the man stepped out from the weeds and onto the track for a moment then stepped back off. A second or two later he stepped back into the path of the train, at which time he was run over,” Sooter said.

The body was released to Thomas Funeral Home in Welch