The Grove Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) have been doing their part to help ease the back to school traffic crunch.

Since the first day of school, VIPS volunteers have been spending their mornings at the Early Childhood Development Center and the Lower Elementary directing traffic.

“Eight of our volunteers spend two hours every morning Monday through Friday working in the school zone,” explained VIPS President Roy Rott.

Police Chief Mark Morris said the VIPS have graciously agreed to help out at the request of the school and the police department.

“We have received a lot of complaints about the flow of traffic in that area,” Morris said.

He noted that before school started he met with school officials to determine the best way for traffic to be routed in the area.

“We have a great deal of traffic and numerous pedestrians and children in a place that was not designed as a high traffic area,” Morris said.

VIPS will be in the area every morning through this week.

“The police department and the school are very appreciative of their efforts,” Morris said.

VIPS are trained in traffic control during the VIPS Academy, which is sponsored by the Grove Police Department.

The first step to becoming a VIPS is to complete the Grove Citizens’ Police Academy. A new class is starting September 11th, and there are still openings.

“Anyone can participate in the VIPS program, regardless of their physical condition,” Morris noted.

For more information about the Citizens’ Police Academy or the VIPS program contact the Grove Police Department at 786-6121 or Roy Rott at 786-5676.