Arrowhead Boat Sales of Grove held an Open House over the weekend that featured hot dogs and balloons for the kids, and some sleek and quick watercraft for the parents.

Yet the star attraction of the extravaganza could not be described as either sleek or quick- although he might be a bit of a ham.

Moses the Tortoise returned to Arrowhead for the Open House and the eight-year-old tortoise was as big a hit as ever.

Moses is the pet of Rick and Rene Craven, the managers of Arrowhead. The Cravens acquired Moses in 2000 on a special order from a pet store. When Moses arrived at his new home he was barely larger than a quarter. Today the friendly terrapin sits at over 60 pounds and measures almost two feet across the back of his shell.

“We got him as a hatchling when he was a baby from a pet store,” Rene Craven said. “We had to special order him and sign some papers stating that we knew he was going to get to be very big and that he would need a big place to stay and a heated pen in the wintertime.”

While an African spurred tortoise may not be the first idea when one considers a pet it turns out that it was, for the Cravens, a very good one.

“He’s very friendly and very affectionate,” Craven said. “If I call him he will come to me every time.”

Despite being the largest pet at the Craven household Moses is a benevolent soul with his canine mates.

“We have two dogs and he does very well with them,” Craven said. “One dog is a puppy and she is all over him. She jumps on him, she tries to stand on him, she tries to kiss him, and he just tolerates it. He is very, very patient.”

Still, Moses can be a figure of discretion.

“His favorite food is strawberries,” Craven said. “He hates carrots. He prefers to be hand fed!”

There were plenty of heads of lettuce on hand Saturday for one and all to feed Moses. Stickers with the legend “I Fed Moses” were also available.

When not attending to guests at the Open House the Arrowhead staff of Joseph Craven, Michael Macomber, and Jack Johnson were busy bringing warm towels for Moses to wrap up in as the day had turned somewhat cool.

While Moses drew a crowd the new boats lining the showroom at Arrowhead garnered plenty of looks themselves.

“Our featured boat is an 18-foot Crownline,” said Craven. “It’s an ’08 model and absolutely gorgeous. We have competitive financing available and we take trades.”

Craven and the staff at Arrowhead considered the Open House a success and enjoyed the time spent with the public.

“We’ve enjoyed it very much and we’ve met a lot of really great people,” said Craven.