Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

Grand Lake Association (GLA) agreed to allow a 90-day trial consultation contract between it’s Executive Director, Tad Jones and the Grand Lake Area Chamber of Commerce (GLACC) last week.

GLA board member Amanda Davis asked that the board discuss the contract he signed with GLACC.

“The contract I signed is for consulting only. I plan to work with them to promote the Grand Lake area,” said Jones.

In an effort to reassure the board of his ability to juggle both positions, Jones discussed his plans to multi-task and coordinate the two organizations and stated that he believes he can handle both positions without letting either one down.  He asked the board to approve a three-month trial period.  Jones also stated that he often runs into the same group of people when wearing his GLA hat as he does with GLACC so it won’t be difficult to represent both agencies.

GLA Treasurer, Amanda Davis and board member, David Helms, expressed some of the concerns with the consulting contract.

Helms pointed out that for example, he has asked about the feasibility of tying into advertising dollars with Route 66.  He stated that he has asked several times about this still hasn’t heard anything, and would like his director to give him some answers.

“We’re just a little ways off Route 66. There’s not a lot for people to see when traveling down Route 66, but this would be an excellent place for them to stop on Grand Lake,” said Helms, when explaining his concerns over Jones having enough time to handle both.

Davis explained that Jones having enough time to handle both is her concern too.  Although she said she likes Jones and thinks he is doing a great job, she is worried.

“I just think it’s a lot. You are going into your busiest time…my concern is that there is a lot of money out there and we have an opportunity to get ahold of it.  I know that things happen so far in advance, but you have to have your head down and go full speed.  I know you’re doing a lot of different things. And if you are out when people come in, it changes the whole dynamics of the office,” said Davis.

Jones explained that not a lot of people come to see him and he wants to go out and see them.  If people want to talk to him, he would rather go to them. 

“I want to be out and about.  I don’t think anyone wants me to just sit in this office,” said Jones.  The board approved the 90-day trial contract with three nays, the rest agreeing to give it a try.

Other business at the board meeting included approval of all financials and GLA President, Chuck Perry explained to the full conference room that he has assigned Alan Marrs to take the position recently left available when one of the board members resigned due to a move out of the area.  Marrs is a General Managing Partner at GMAC, Buick and Chevrolet dealership in Miami.  The board unanimously approved his appointment.