Janet Barber

Humor and hair

Iím having a blast with my (lack of) hair.

When I get up in the mornings I look like a little old man. My hair is standing straight up. I reach up and smooth it back and Iím good to go. I comb it now since thereís only enough to use a tooth brush on.

But boy can you get ready for work in a flash! Thereís something to be said about the efficiency factor.

Iíve bought a couple of wigs, but havenít worn them yet. Caps and scarves (thanks Martha for saying I looked nice in that blue one) seem to be more comfortable. And I DO still have a little hair left. Looks like fringe added to the bottom of my cap.

I was looking in the mirror one morning while it was still coming out by the handfuls and simply signed, ďGod, could you please just leave me enough to keep my head warm at night?Ē I guess he heard me, but after seeing me without a cap or scarf youíd understand why I do believe God has a sense of humor.

Iíve been asked by several people around town how much was raised at the benefit and even though itís not about the money, I will tell you that itís enough to pay for 6 chemo treatments. I always like it when they ask because it gives me a chance to share the wonderful things that have been happening to me, including the benefit.

One of the things they always tell me is that our community has always supported those in need and I know that is a fact and Iíve always known that. We rally behind those we care about and sometimes itís a total stranger. We just donate to the cause, Ďcause itís the right thing to do and God always shows his blessings on those times.

I just never thought I would be the one on the flyer.

I wrote in a thank you card to one of the more generous donors that I had never felt so loved and accepted. When I was there with everyone, I was so busy hugging that I didnít ever get to eat. But that never hurts me.

It was more like a party of all my friends and family members. I enjoyed myself so much in everyoneís company. Their laughter and kind words warmed my heart and cheered my soul blessing me with a warm feeling of their outpouring of love for me.

Thereís nothing like that feeling. I felt it so strong that day that I can recall it now as I write this.

One of the things that people mention to me is my positive attitude.

I didnít always have it. I had to make a conscious decision on January 27 to use my sense of humor to get me through this tough time.

So, I make fun of my hair, I make fun of having chemotherapy and I just mainly have fun.

Why not?

My new motto: If it ainít funÖ I ainít doiní it.

As a form of ďtherapyĒ Iíve started a blog. If youíre interested, check it out at: http://janetbarber.blogspot.com/ I hope you enjoy it. My family seems to like it, but theyíre my family and donít want to hurt my feelings.