Will Winder

To the Editor

In today’s issue of the NY Times, there’s an article by Sandeep Jauhar, M.D. that discusses over spending for health care on one patient, simply by using 17  specialists and prescribing 12 different procedures to analyze and diagnose a patients problem. He doesn’t even mention the cost of treatment!

What is the reason for these high prices? Since Doctors are usually reimbursed for whatever they bill, they can run up the cost for patient care to almost any price they wish to charge. The kicker is what do we get for this exorbitant price of our health care system?  According to this same author, the US ranks 45th in the world in life expectancy, behind Bosnia and Jordan; near last, compared with other developed countries, in infant mortality; and is dead last among major industrialized countries in health-care quality, access and efficiency.

What are the reasons behind this seemingly fraudulent health care? Well, some is obviously, loosely written laws which reimburse doctors for nearly any procedure that they might prescribe. Another is insurance companies that can pass whatever costs they incur on to their customers; another is high cost of liability insurance; and lastly it seems to me, to be just plain greed.

We hear a lot about the high cost of liability insurance, but if Doctors have liability insurance, are they not free to practice correct and honest care of the patients? Tell us, “Doctors of Grove,” what do you ascribe this second rate, over priced health care to?

Will Winder