GROVE — A man accused of raping a 14-year-old girl is still allowed to be around children, despite a paternity test that found a 99.9 percent likelihood he is the father of the teenager’s daughter.

Timothy Joe Mountford Accused of molesting his foster daughter and fathering a child with her.

Tim Mountford, 50, is free on $150,000 bail. His attorney, Winston Connor II, said that under conditions of the bail, his client cannot be near the victim. No such condition precludes him from being around other children.

Details of the girl’s story and the entanglement of Tim Mountford in her life have been revealed in the past months during court hearings.

An abnormal life

She has been described as a typical teenager — tall, shy, with long brown hair.

But little about her life has been normal.

Her full name is omitted from court papers. Her voice is conspicuously silent.

At 9, when she should have been playing with dolls, she was having sex, according to a Jay Police Department report.

By 11, she had been repeatedly molested and was pregnant. Tommy James Isbell, 36, of Jay pleaded guilty in 2004 to four counts of first-degree rape and 12 counts of forcible sodomy and was sentenced to life in prison.

She then was placed in the home of Tim and Vicki Mountford. They became her legal guardians.

The victim’s daughter was born with birth defects and lived with Matina Gardner, Vicki Mountford’s daughter. The baby reportedly died a few weeks after birth.

The victim again became pregnant. The DNA test, presented this past week, found a 99.9 percent likelihood that Tim Mountford is the father.

He was charged in Delaware County District Court last year with felony second-degree rape and child sexual abuse. A preliminary hearing has been set for March.

On the advice of their attorney, the Mountfords declined comment.

The second baby, another girl, was born May 28, according to court records, and also lives with Gardner.

On Wednesday, Special Judge Alicia Littlefield ordered Tim Mountford to pay child support.

After the second pregnancy was discovered, the victim was removed from the Mountford home and temporarily placed with Gardner, who is seeking to adopt her baby.

"I don’t see anything wrong with her trying to adopt the child,” Connor said. "She and her husband are happily married. They love and want to adopt this child.”

Who failed to protect the teenage victim?

Connor said the state put the victim under the care of Tim Mountford, who is "developmentally slow.”

"In most respects, my client does not function as a 50-year-old,” he said.

The victim and her children have never been in DHS custody, said George Johnson, DHS spokesman. They were part of a legal guardianship placement granted by the court.

Littlefield, who did not place the child with the Mountfords, declined comment, citing the ongoing criminal case and prohibitions on discussing juvenile matters.

Suspect, wife once ran a day care center

Tim and Vicki Mountford served as foster parents in their home about a block from Grove Middle School from Sept. 25, 1998, to May 22, 2006, said Beth Scott, a DHS spokeswoman. The couple also ran a day care center from Feb. 7, 2002, to July 15, 2006.

They stopped accepting foster children and voluntarily closed the day care.

According to his bail papers, after Tim Mountford was charged he listed his address as a home near Grand Lake.

Sources confirm two 11-year-old girls, an 11-year boy, a 16-year-old girl, a 9-year-old boy and at times a 17-year-old girl live with Vicki Mountford at the residence located near the school.

According to court records, subpoenas were served at the address Nov. 20 for the teenage victim and for Vicki Mountford, ordering them to appear in court Dec. 1. The return of service shows Tim Mountford signed for the subpoenas for his wife and for the victim.

 “I am so outraged that he (Mountford) can continue to be around children after being charged,” said Caryl McDonald, the former mother-in-law of Crystal Bowers Schuster, another of Tim Mountford’s stepdaughters.s

McDonald said after on one occasion after visiting the Mountford’s her granddaughter said “he (Tim Mountford) loves me, he would never hurt me, he gives me big hugs.”

“It made my skin crawl,” McDonald said.

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