Sheila Stogsdill

Special to the Grove Sun

GROVE – Over 300 family and friends gathered at the First Baptist Church on Sunday for Grove High School’s Baccalaureate Service.

Priority One Youth Band, featuring seniors Tyler Linn, Megan Linn and Jade Hoffstatter provided special music and Bill Haywood, Bible Baptist Church associate pastor, challenged the graduating class to “Go the Second Mile.”

“Whatever you pursue, learn to go the extra mile and keep your eyes on Jesus Christ,” said Haywood, who also is a Grove School District employee.

“So many workers just do enough to get by – these are the people that only go the first mile,” Haywood said.

“Don’t just settle for the ordinary,” Haywood continued.

“By going the second mile you will be blessed with freedom, compassion and success,” he concluded.

Mark Linn, Grove Christian Center youth pastor used a reference to cake for his closing remarks.

“If you want to change the world and make a difference remember the word ‘CAKE,’” he said.

Lynn explained four principles using the letters, “C-A-K-E.”

Change what you can change – Adapt to what you cannot change – Keep going –Educate yourselves.

Commencement Exercises will be Friday, May 21 at Ridgerunner Stadium.