The Grove Police Department will be extra vigilant over the holiday weekend, according to Grove Police Chief Mark Morris.

“We want everyone to have a safe and fun holiday,” Morris said. “That means we will be paying especially close attention as we patrol.”

He said the department, along with Delaware County Sheriff’s Department, will be setting up safety checkpoints throughout the area over the weekend.

“We will be focusing on intoxicated drivers and traffic violations,” Morris said.

Morris said the Grove Police Department is happy to work in concert with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, especially during the holidays when extra staff is needed.

“When citizens call for help, they don’t care if the city or the county shows up – they just want someone there as quickly as possible,” Morris said.

Captain Robert Rowley of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office said his department is also thankful to have the city police on its side.

“We rely on Grove to help use when response is needed right away, and we do the same for them,” Rowley said.

“Our departments have limited resources, and it helps to have a back-up,” Rowley added.

Morris cautioned that area residents should allow extra time and be patient when they get behind the wheel.

“As usual, there will be an increase of vehicular and pedestrian traffic,” Morris explained. “Drivers should use extra caution on the way to their destinations.”

He said the department’s main objective is to cut down on the number of motor vehicle accidents and DUIs.

“We want folks to have a good time out there and keep from getting hurt,” he said.