Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

“What a secret I had to sit on for seven weeks,” said her mother, Kate Sullivan-Bewley, owner of Magnolia’s in Grove. Only Kate, her husband Doc and Gretchen’s sister Maggie knew the big secret.

“Gretchen currently lives in Portland, Ore. but is getting ready to move to New York to get a base going, contacts in order and get ready to move forward with her company,” said Sullivan-Bewley. “Gretchen won $100,000 but she doesn’t get the funds until January so right now it’s a waiting game.”

Sullivan-Bewley commented on her daughter being portrayed as the villain on Project Runway saying that it was tough on Gretchen being villianized.

“She is just outspoken and articulate and they edited her to be a villain for good T.V.,” she said. “Got to have good drama…it’s like a soap opera.”

Sullivan-Bewley added this season of Project Runway received the highest ratings of any season.

“When a woman is outspoken, confident, strong and articulate, she is considered a mean person, but those qualities are respected and revered in a man,” she said. “Gretchen is going to make it because of these qualities.”

“You know, I really believed that I was the winner and felt that I represented not only myself, but what ‘Project Runway’ was all about,” Jones told TV Guide about hearing her name announced as the winner. “So it didn’t feel crazy to me.”

“What Mondo and I represented were two very different aesthetics and perspectives,” Jones continued. “And I felt really grateful that Nina and Michael understood where I was coming from. I think they really understood me, not only as a designer, but what I represented in the fashion world. They were [the ones] I really was trying to reach. I knew it was going to be a battle from the minute I met Mondo, and I know both of our futures are bright.”

Her mother also stressed that Gretchen, who was raised in an old mining town in Colorado, has always loved fashion. “She is constantly studying fashion. She loves it and has a passion for it.”

Sullivan-Brewley said the next chapter of her daughters life “is yet to be written and that’s what keeps her interested and movitivated.”