Itís like when you were a little kid and the water in your plastic pool gets warm and algae starts to grow on the bottom and mom and dad say you canít go in.

Thatís what it felt like when DEQ and GRDA announce that there was Blue Green Algae in the lake and the public was warned against bodily contact with the water.

You donít care that the water is green and the bottom of your pool is slimy. You just wanted to go in and play. And being told you canít go in makes you want to go in even more. I always seem to want what I canít have. And of course, I went in anyway.

Just to prove I could.

Not being able to play in the water was and still is the least of our worries here at Grand Lake. We have a lot of business to make up. I know many people are hoping for a successful bobber drop to help replace some of the dollars lost over the Fourth. I think we need to tell everyone we know the algae warning is lifted, the water great and come to the lake!

Sam has a bunch of tubes ready to play on the water and even if you donít have a boat you can float in one of the many creeks and rivers, or go to Bernice. You can take wakeboarding lessons from Matt at The Board Shack and relax at one

of the marinas.