JAY – A Grove man accused of calling in a bomb threat to Grove school officials waived his preliminary hearing, court officials said Tuesday.

Michael Shane Long, 34, is charged in Delaware County District Court in Jay with making a terrorism hoax, a felony.

Two juveniles were also connected to the bomb hoax.

Grove school officials said the student who initiated the threat was suspended for one full calendar year and the other student was suspended for 45 days.


The juvenile text messaged Long’s girlfriend Deanna Close and told her to have “Mike go to a payphone and call the school and tell them there was a bomb in the school,” according to an arrest affidavit signed by Det. J.R. Highley, a Grove Police officer.

She told authorities the reason they didn’t call the police from their home is because Long is on probation.

The juvenile told authorities the reason behind the bomb threat was because he wanted to get out of class, the affidavit states. The juvenile was making plans about the bomb threat hoax the night before the incident, the affidavit states.

Long also confessed to knowing the bomb threat was a hoax or a “joke” when he made the telephone call to the school, the affidavit states.

According to court records Long was convicted in 2003 of larceny and received a five-year suspended sentence. In 2006 he was convicted of domestic abuse, assault and battery and served five months.

He remains in the Delaware County jail, according to court records.