Sheila Stogsdill

Special to the Grove Sun

JAY An elementary science teacher who discharged an unloaded gun inside a classroom was suspended for 10 days without pay, according to a document released by the Jay School District.

Lennie Martin was suspended April 29 while the school conducted an investigation, according to a document dated May 6 and signed by Charles Thompson, superintendent, and Martin.

The letter to Martin states, "while I do not wish to recommend your termination to the board of education, I do believe additional action is warranted.

Martin was admonished for using poor judgment even though the gun was loaded with a blank, the letter states.

At the conclusion of the school's investigation, Martin was suspended for 10 days beginning May 10, the letter states. His classroom obligations beginning May 24 remained in effect and he was also placed on a 45-day plan of improvement, the letter states.

Martin took the gun into his classroom after he used it to start a re-enactment of the Oklahoma Land Run, the investigation showed. The gun's discharge frightened several students, the letter states.

According to a state education report, the gun was described as a cap gun. Karen Long, the school's attorney, referred to the gun as a "relic.

On the same day as the shooting Martin sprayed a cleaner into the room or on students, which led to several children complaining of burning eyes, throats and skin, requiring treatment, the letter states.

Martin has 20 years of teaching experience and earns a base salary of $41,633, according to state Education Department records.