Local resident Luke Nowlin was escorted through Grove by the Grove Police Department on his "Search for America". Many

well wishers were on hand to cheer him on waving flags and holding up posters.

Grove's Sgt. Jerry Bohannan who led the escort said this wasn't the first time he escorted a man on his horse through town. "We

used to always do this with the rodeos, but this is the first one since then," said Bohannan.

His first stop in town was at the corner of third and Main where he was met by the community and local media. Nowlin who

has been traveling for 69 days talked about his trip thus far.

"The best thing has been meeting people and staying in their homes. And talking to and learn from different individuals along the way," said Nowlin. "Most people are super generous and have made this trip super easy. The hardest thing by far has been the heat. It was 95 degrees the first day and I think it's just got hotter ever since.

He had to switch horses due to the first one getting an infection. "I am going stay here for four or five days and see if I can't get him rested up," he said. "I've gone 1,400 miles and plan to go another 2,000. I plan to be there the first week of December," said Nowlin.

He is traveling in "search of America" and to see the Redwoods in Northern California. When asked which part he said he really wasn't certain. "We'll see when we get there. I'll just wing it like I have so far." "While he is close to home it's kind of easy to go check it out, said his mother Brenda Nowlin. She and his father Joe and many friends and family were downtown to greet him.

Brenda said they feel blessed. "I've kind of let him be. It's so important to him. It's been on his heart for so many years," she said. "We have visited him a few times. We went to Charlotte. He had already been there. So when we went, he had met a family there. We had dinner with them because they wanted to meet us and we wanted to meet them. And then the drove out and met him a couple weeks ago, when Gino had to come in, so we went and met him and brought Gino in and took Pirate," she said.

When asked if she thinks he will move back to Grove when this trip is over she said he is planning to go to Graduate school. "I don't know. He loves it here. We have some land and he definitely loves that land, so I'm not sure. Jobs will probably dictate that a little bit."

Nowlin grew up in Grove and graduated from Grove high school. "You know when you live here, you grow up in Grove, move away and then you have to figure out a way to get back," she said.

He then stopped at Grove City Hall where he was met by more well wishers including Mayor Marty Follis and Police Chief Mark Morris before continuing his trek through town.

"What a great deal he is doing," said Morris. The Grove Sun will continue to publish updates on Nowlin's adventure and his "search for America".