Kirsten Mustain

Grove Sun

The Grove School District trails other similarly sized school systems by a considerable margin in millage rates, according to school officials.

Millage rates for comparable schools are as follows: Wagoner - 16.51; Miami - 12.73; Tulsa McLain - 24.10; Vinita - 18.44; Collinsville - 22.13; Oologah - 8.72; Catoosa - 18.61; Locust Grove - 26.11; Jay 13.11.

Meanwhile, Grove comes in last at 6.84.

If the bond passes, the millage rate will increase to 16.21.

“If the proposed school bond passes, we will still be below many similar schools in our area,” said PTO President Angel Hill.

Millage rates represent the amount per $1,000 that is used to calculate taxes on property. Millage rates are used by school boards to calculate local school taxes to be collected based on a derivation of the total property value within school district boundaries.

Grove citizens are being asked to vote in the Grove Public Schools Bond Election October 13th, 2009, at all regular polling precincts between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

School Board member Kenny Wright, at a recent Grove Rotary Club meeting, said that for area residents the bond would mean an extra $11.56 per year for every $1,000.00 property owners currently pay in sales tax. An article in last week’s Grove Sun erroneously reported that number as $11.56 per $100.

The proposed bond consists of two parts.

Proposition I will be for $9,650,000 to fund construction and equipment for Grove Public School buildings from the Early Childhood Center to the High School.

The monies raised by the bond will cover the following improvements to the school buildings: the Early Childhood Center will receive additional restroom facilities; the Lower Elementary will receive nine additional classrooms, a new cafeteria, new restrooms, a library/media center, and a secure school entrance and administration offices; the Upper Elementary will receive nine additional classrooms, a new dining hall/multi-purpose room, new restrooms, nurse’s station and a new parking area; the Grove Middle School will receive four new classrooms, a new roof, and a new secure school entrance; the High School will receive three new classrooms, new restrooms, and new flooring in the student corridors.

In addition, it will allow the school system to upgrade its current technology including the purchase of a VOIP phone/intercom system, an increase in district bandwidth and the upgrade electrical wiring/cabling to increase student access.

Proposition II calls for $225,000 for additional school buses.