Kirsten Mustain

Grove Sun

Grove City Council approved an agreement with Landplan Consultants, Inc. for the preparation of preliminary and final design drawings and other services associated with the application for a grant from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) to fund Phase II of the Downtown Enhancement Project.

The city has agreed to pay the company $98.841 for its services, which will include bidding services and submitting the grant application in addition to the drawings.

Grove city officials have applied for a grant to fund the project twice before, but were turned down.

Dr. Larry Stout, who has spearheaded the Downtown Enhancement Project, in conjunction with the city and the Grove Area Chamber of Commerce, said ODOT has encouraged the city to apply for a grant again.

The first phase of the project, which was originally conceived in 2001, was completed in 2007 and included new streetlights and sidewalks on Third Street west of Main and on Main Street north and south of Third.

Phase II will include one block on Third St. from Main to South Hazel, and one block south of Third St. on Main to Fourth St.

Stout said the streetscape project plan features outside walking trails near the Grove Senior Center.

“We would like to clean up that area,” Stout said. “I think it would be an asset to the city.”

Landplan representative Keith Franklin said the plan would feature the same light fixtures and concrete treatments as Phase I and would make the sidewalk and buildings handicapped accessible.

He noted that one of ODOT’s reasons for declining the previously requested grants for the project was the fact that officials felt it would be very difficult to make the sidewalks and businesses in the area handicapped accessible, but that he would show them that it could be done.

In other business, the council approved a resolution supporting improvements to the Grove Skate Park.

“No money for this will come out of the city’s coffers,” explained City Manager Bruce Johnson.

He explained that local business Planet J plans to fund the project with area business donations and grants.

The owners of Planet J plan to add $45,000 worth of equipment to the skate park.

Johnson also reported that a new storm siren has been installed at 13th Street and Shundi.