DELAWARE COUNTY - Residents of Delaware County are once again reminded that this holiday season is a perfect time for scam artists and thieves, at your door, in your mail, on your phone, sending a text message and on your computer.

"One of the new scams we've found are individuals who are going around in the towns offering to put up Christmas lights and decorations and minor repairs jobs to gain entry into your house," said Delaware County Sheriff's Captain Ron Teel.

Residents are warned to do the research on any organization wanting donations of money. "Check the Better Business Bureau, get a phone number to verify that they are exactly who they say they are. As for contractors, get references. People are using all kinds of tactics to get into your home. Then they come back and steal. Hide your medications, even from family members. Don't put yourself in a situation where something bad can happen to you." he said.

Any e-mail or phone solicitation should also be handled carefully. Make yourself aware of who is asking for money. If you feel it is a scam, simply hang up or delete the e-mail. "Never, never give out your financial information. This is the first sign that you're being scammed. Legal solicitation organizations will never ask for this information," he warned.

"We had a man report his property had been stolen after a 'friend' helped him move from one home to another. The man left and the 'friend' who helped him came back in and stole his belongings. The same belongings he had just put in the new house for this man," said Teel.

If you feel you have been the victim of a scam contact your local law enforcement agency.

"Don't make yourself a victim during this holiday season," Teel concluded.