Janet Barber

Grove Sun

JAY – Delaware County Commissioners voted to call for an election to pass a sales tax increase to be used for the construction of a jail facility during a special meeting called Wednesday morning.

The resolution states that a .5% sales tax is requested for the construction of a 100-bed facility to be built on-site on the south side of the existing 62-bed jail facility.

The debt for the facility is set for retirement on January 1, 2019 or earlier. At that time the sales tax will drop to .25% permanently for maintenance and operation of the 162-bed facility.

Rick Smith, the county’s financial advisor, said he is confident that these numbers will work to not only construct the new added facility, but will also be adequate for maintenance and operation of the proposed detention center.

The election has been set for Tuesday, August 24, which is the date set for a run-off election for county officials if required after the general primary election on July 27.