Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

Something was in the air Tuesday, Nov. 9 to cause three separate accidents on Main Street. Two of the accidents caused Main Street to close. Highways 59 and 10 come together and become Main Street in Grove.

The first was a three car accident reported at 3:41 p.m. in front of Drake’s Restaurant. Southbound traffic was detoured for approximately 30 minutes.

Gregorye Epperson of Grove in a white Toyota pickup struck Ivy Judd of Jay who was driving a black Honda SUV. The collision cased her to hit John Van Dyke of Grove in his white Chevy pickup.

Epperson sustained a possible cosmetic head injury.

Judd and passenger were transported with possible trunk injuries and Dyke sustained no injuries.

Epperson was cited with inattentive driving.

The second accident was reported at 3:50 p.m. Tammy Anderson of Afton was driving a 1997 Ford Expedition when she ran into Terry Dickson driving a red Ford Escape, also of Afton.

Anderson was cited for following too close. There were no injuries and moderate damage.

Then at approximately 6:30 p.m. a third accident, almost across the street from the first, closed northbound traffic on Main Street. Kamryn Kobey from Grove attempted to make a left turn from Main Street on to 6th in a maroon '99 Ford Truck but collided into the car driven by Holly Hunsaker from Jay. Hunsaker was reported to sustain possible trunk injuries.

Kobey was cited for failure to yield.

According to Grove Police Chief Mark Morris, having back-to-back accidents like this is not completely unusual, “It’s happened before,” he said. There was even one more accident called in later that evening at 1 a.m.

Grove Police Chief Mark Morris would like to remind drivers of a couple important new laws that went into effect on November 1.

One is a new law affecting drivers between the ages of 16 -18. “Sixteen to eighteen year olds can not use electronic devices while driving,” said Morris. “If caught they risk having their license cancelled or suspended,” he added.

Another important law that went into effect on November 1 allows motorcyclists to proceed through a red light after stopping under certain circumstances.

Both laws are explained in detail below.

SB 1329 (effective November 1, 2010) amends 47 O.S. § 11-202 to allow a motorcycle to proceed through a red light in these circumstances: (1) The motorcycle has been brought to a complete stop (2) The traffic control signal is programmed or engineered to change to a green signal only after detecting the approach of a motor vehicle and has failed to detect the arrival of the motorcycle, and (3) No motor vehicle or person is approaching on the roadway to be crossed or entered, or the motor vehicle or person is at a distance from the intersection that does not constitute an immediate hazard. (4) The driver of any vehicle approaching the intersection, which lawfully may enter the intersection, shall have the right-of-way over any motorcycle operator proceeding through a red light.

SB 1908 (effective November 1, 2010) amends 47 O.S. § 6-105 to make some changes in drivers licenses for persons under 18 years of age: 1. A driver, at least age 16, and with a learner permit may drive a Class D motor vehicle “only between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.” and must be accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 21 years old. 2. Learner permits and intermediate Class D Licenses may be suspended or canceled by DPS for “using a hand-held electronic device while operating a motor vehicle for non-life-threatening emergency purposes”. 3. “Hand-held electronic device” is defined as “a mobile telephone or electronic device with which a user engages in a telephone call, plays or stores media, including but not limited to music and video, or sends or reads a text message while requiring the use of at least one hand”. 4. “Using a hand-held electronic device” is defined as “engaging any function on an electronic device.”