Janet Barber

Grove Sun

DELAWARE COUNTY – Delaware County authorities are reporting that burglaries are on the rise throughout the county and thieves are targeting the Grand Lake area.

According to the Sheriff’s department, there have been 173 burglary/breaking and entering reports filed from January through the end of October with 25 reports filed in September and 24 reports filed in October of this year. There have been 51 reports filed for larceny/theft from buildings for this same time period.

“The best security you can have in recovering stolen items would be to take pictures of your personal property and write down all the makes, model and serial numbers on a list and keep it updated. Take the pictures and your list and give them to your insurance provider or put them in a safety deposit box, or both. This will help law enforcement to recover your stolen items,” Captain Ron Teel of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department advised. “You tell us you have a Sony television and you have no idea how many Sony televisions are out there. What makes yours different? We need a way to identify which one is yours.”

Your list should include vehicles, boats, trailers, ATV’s, water craft devices, guns, electronics, tools, farm equipment, etc. Anything that has a serial number or anything that is of value that thieves may take.

“Another thing that you should never do is put your original title in your vehicles,” advised Teel.

According to Captain Teel, other ways to protect your property would be to put timers on your lights and televisions.

“And lock your doors and windows,” Teel advised. “If you have an alarm system on your home and you’re going to have remodeling of maintenance done on your home, give the contractors a special alarm code, not your personal code,” Teel added. “This is the criminal’s shopping season.”

Authorities claim the break-ins are being accomplished by both land and boat.

The Lake Patrol has also been vigilant in surveillance on Grand Lake by boat and has been looking for suspects believed to be stealing from lake homes.

“Deputies are patrolling the area, but your best defense is to use preventive measures along with talking to your neighbors and letting them know when you’re out of town of if you’ve having work done on your home. Neighbors watching neighbors and reporting any unusual activity will go a long way to help prevent your loss of property,” Teel said.

Another situation Teel wants residents to be made aware of and that is that the party season is upon us.

“If you have a party in your home, lock up or hide your medications from your friends and family. We see stolen medications during this time period until after the first of the year,” Teel advised.

If you notice any unusual activity or “someone who just doesn’t belong,” call the Sheriff’s department at 918-253-4531 or toll free at 877-722-0007.