Kendra Montana

Grove Sun

With the Fourth of July holiday having come and gone, club, marina and business owners reflect on one of the strangest weekends ever on Grand Lake. The fact is that yes, boat traffic was down but it didnt really affect the clubs. People came out to enjoy the Fourth of July weekend but it was not what it usually is, said Joe Harwood, owner of Arrowhead Yacht Club. The good thing is that Dr. Doug Cox said he never saw a single case of someone being ill as a result of this blue-green algae. Not one. At this point we are all just trying to stay positive, move forward and continue on with business as usual here on Grand Lake. And we continue to urge people to use common sense until this issue is resolved.

Harbors View Marina agreed that business was not what it usually is on the Fourth of

July weekend. It was much slower than usual but we got through it, said Judy Florida, general manager at Harbors View. I do not think that it effected the die-hard Grand Lakers but we saw a lot less of the three-holiday crowd. The good thing is that those people who did come out to Grand Lake on the Fourth of July have never been more welcomed or better taken care of. There was plenty of product and plenty of help. All in all, it was an usual holiday around here. Chris Byrd, general manager at Marine Max of Grand Lake, felt the crunch. I think this was the Fourth of July that didnt happen. Between eight in the morning and noon on Saturday I think I only saw about ten boats in Duck Creek, which is anything but normal on the Fourth of July around here. Im pretty sure it was right about that time that I saw a tumbleweed blow across the cove. My only hope is that they (Grand River Dam Authority) come out with some kind of a statement very soon because the long term effects of this thing could be extremely damaging to the economy of Grand Lake, he said.

Other businesses never missed a beat. I had the best Thursday, Friday and Saturday sales that I have ever had, said Tiffany Green, owner of Pier 13 Liquor in Langley. I know that a lot of other businesses on Grand Lake did suffer this weekend but I was right on track. The bottom line is that people are going to drink no matter what is going on with the economy or the lake. There is a lot going on at Grand Lake right now but you cant keep these people down. We rally.