The new face at the Grove Public Library is Brenda Newnam who has moved from  Joseph City, Ariz., to take over the position of manager at the Grove Library.  

Newnam was manager of the school library at Joseph City.  Joseph City is east of Flagstaff and west of the Petrified Forest.

Newnam spent her first day on the job working along with library staff memebers, who were checking books in and then checking books out about as fast as they could.  

Newnam said she found the library to be an interesting place to work.  

After getting a degree in elementary education, she began working in a school library where she has spent the rest of her time.

Newnam has three children – a married daughter in Oklahoma, and two boys Kyle and Branson, ages  16 and 10.   

Meanwhile, Newnam is trying to find her way around town, and learn to pronounce some of the names here in Eastern Oklahoma.  

She said that she is looking forward to her new job and to learning about the Grand Lake area.